About Imomo

Imomo was born in 2013 by Pilar Garcia de Leaniz.

The philosophy of this brand is to bring beauty and originality to all women who love playful and delicate art and designs on their products.

Believe me, Imogen could have been anything except a name! My thoughts were: Imogen? WHAT is Imogen? There she was, waiting for me! A seven year old girl, seven days after I arrived for the first time in Scotland with the clear purpose of studying a second language and getting a temporary, easy and fun job as a nanny.

That day I would have never imagined she would become the inspiration for my brand, imomo.

It was an unusually sunny day in Scotland, when Imogen and Pilar were drawing and playing after coming back from school. The Spanish nanny had just come back from her home town with a handmade bracelet for Imogen and an ambitious idea, start a business! (Why not! If she was able to live abroad, she was able to run a few businesses if necessary).

The little girl was very happy with her handmade bracelet and wanted to say thanks with a special drawing. “This is a drawing of our shops. I will run a makeup shop and you will be next to mine with an accessories shop,” she said cheerfully.

That day I knew my dream was going to be true. With a little sparkle and magic dust from Imogem, I created imomo.

Here you can find my most popular illustrations on prints, clothing, home accessories and stationery.