#ECAstaff Personal Project 2020

#ECAstaff is a project that was developed as part of the annual #100DaysProjectScotland2020 in which I have been participating in for the last 3 years. I have taken each year as an opportunity to improve my drawing skills and gain constancy and consistency in my work.

Visit my Instagram account to find out more about the project at @pilardeleaniz


100 Murals commissioned by Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh and displayed on the campus.


“I have LOVED seeing all my great colleagues appearing over the past few months. It was such an inspired idea and you have made it so amazing…. CONGRATULATIONS”

Lindy Richardson

TPG Programme Director Textiles



“I was delighted and honored to be part of this project, and I very much enjoyed seeing the different characters every day. Pilar has a real gift for finding the essence of her sitters; the simplicity of her line is deceptive.. don’t miss the hidden subtlety and acute perception”

Vivian French

British writer of picture books, fiction and non-fiction, poetry and plays.



”Pilar, I adore these. They are beautifully done”

Chris Mould